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Interview with Dean Aylesworth of SG-1 Part 2

Updated: Feb 5, 2019

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Why is Make-a-Wish your preferred charity?

Make-A-Wish is my favorite because its for children.  Kids just seem to react to me and to see me as curious or silly right away.  I have a soft spot for children and for childhood dreams:  for the power of not knowing-you-are-not-supposed-to-do-it-that-way stuff.  (To donate to Make-a-Wish, click here.)

How did you come across SEA SHEPHERD?

Richard Dean Anderson introduced me to the plight of our Oceans and the fight for it on the open sea. My heart would not allow me to remain idle.  RDA is a strong voice for this planet and us as moral beings as humble as he is.  I'm happy to try and copy that--to mentor that.  Something has to be done.  (For further information on SEA SHEPHERD, click here.  To donate to SEA SHEPHERD, click here.)

Any final thoughts?

I really want all my supporters, fans, and everyone to know how much I am grateful.  How charged up for the creative fruit to continue to grow and how much I look forward to connecting with fans at conventions and on the screen!  Thanks!

Photos courtesy of and used with permission from Raven Kareen Lynn Martell

Make-a-Wish video used with permission from J. Smith at Make-a-Wish

SEA SHEPHERD Videos courtesy of and used with permission from Carolina A. Castro of SEA SHEPHERD

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