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Karie Engels of Basil and Salt Magazine

What led you to start Basil and Salt magazine and when did you start Basil and Salt magazine?

I began Your Home with Karie Engels with a Facebook page and foodie site about seven years ago. At some point I realized that the look of the site and content placed there needed a “refresh” button. I played around the different styles and themes, I was unable to achieve the depth I was looking for.

While searching for advertising and venues for another project on my board, it just clicked. If I took my site to print, I could create layers, a plethora of voices and fresh, seasonal content, while at the same time creating an advertising venue for other projects. I removed my name from the title and Basil & Salt Magazine was born.

What is your favorite aspect Basil and Salt magazine?

Unlimited creativity. There isn’t a template, there isn’t a specific formula that I am required to follow, which means whatever is happening in the world, however things change in the food or lifestyle industry, we can keep up with news in real-time. I give my contributors the same creative license. I may have a general outline of what I am looking for, yet I trust their instincts. They work in this industry and have their fingers on the pulse of everything that’s current. I can add content or remove content in the very last moments before it goes live and if necessary, again before it goes to print.

What have you learned the most from Basil and Salt magazine?

A huge smile crossed my face as I read the above question. I am still learning the publishing business and I will continue to soak in knowledge. Every. Single. Day. I jumped in to the deep end and was way over my head in an incredibly exciting way. If I could rethink the process and do it all over again would I? Oh yes, definitely.

What tips and ideas do you have for other’s who would like to start a culinary magazine?

If it’s in your soul to do this, do it. Be creative and stay true to your message. Don’t compare yourself to other publications, try and set yourself apart from them. Most importantly, don’t be afraid to stray off course a bit if your instincts tell you to go in a slightly different direction.

What is at the heart of Basil and Salt magazine that you want your readers to take home?

Enjoy life. Live it out loud.

Karie and Basil and Salt magazine can be followed on the following social media platforms:


LinkedIn— https://www.linkedin.com/in/karie-engels-8385341a/




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