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Lost and Found

Post by Onna Carr

I have been lost a few times both physically and metaphysically. I have never been good at geography and maps have always been a puzzle. I have always thought I was a good judge of character, but at times have discovered that I was quite wrong about people. I hope for the best in people, but I also try not to be too surprised if they behave at their worst or if things go terribly wrong despite doing all you can do to make them all right.

I have come to realize several things about being lost. I have discovered that there is nothing wrong with being lost in the same way there is nothing wrong with hoping that situations turn out better than they sometimes turn out. The main thing to remember, is that if you are lost, it is good to know who you can rely on to know how to decipher a map or to help you process confusing situations.

I have always believed that if there is something I do not know, the best thing to do is to admit that I do not understand the subject and to find someone who does know, whether this is where the library is in an unfamiliar town or how to process the loss of most of my family by the time I was thirty. I also discovered that we seldom are truly lost, but often can be misguided or assume things that may not in fact be true, and that because of this fact it is always best to re-evaluate our trajectory to make sure that we stay on the path and follow the map of our lives that truly belongs to us. Because, at the end of the day, it is about home, where we belong, who we belong with, and care, and if we have all this, we are never lost despite the fact we cannot read a map and may at times get confused about life.

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