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Love at First Sight?!  Love at First Knowing.

A Post by Onna Carr

Love at first sight? Is it true or untrue? Is it real or unreal? I think that this is a question that honestly I cannot yet answer. For me, ever since I was a kid, like around age eight or so, I can remember knowing that if I ever ended up with someone, I already cared for them, years before meeting them, and would care for them my whole life. It was one of those moments of crystal clear revelation for me as I played in the grass on the hill and the rain fell lightly on a Spring day.

I think that in many ways, that is why I never really gave too much thought to looking for a dating partner, or to how attractive or unattractive people may or may not be, because I always figured that romantic love for me, if it exists at all, stretches to a particular person, and they are worth waiting for. As Oscar Wilde once said, "If you are not too long, I will wait here forever."

However, by my twenties, although I had not given up on love, I had come to believe that perhaps my soul mate had met someone far better, or been in an accident, or come to be a realist too and doubt he would ever meet me the same way that I doubted I would ever meet him. But time and space, according to what physics has proven, are fluid, which when you think about it, means that everyone we know, care for, and love we have always known and cared for and loved, because, at the end of the day, time itself is in debate.

In this way, physics, like fate is reassuring, and helps me to realize that whether or not I ever meet someone who is "the one" all will happen at the right time, which like Gandalf's appearance, is most likely going to be "when most needed and least expected" and that, is fate.

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