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Lydia Inglett of Starbooks Publishing.com

What led you to become a publisher?

Being a voracious reader combined with artistic creativity and a desire to do good work.

What is your favorite aspect of being a publisher?

Working with authors, artists, and photographers to develop words and images into a beautiful experience for the reader. I dream and think in books!

What have you learned the most from your career as a publisher?

It is a challenging business and the cultural myth is that the publisher is the heavy, which is not the case.: the publisher takes the all the risk.

What tips and ideas do you have for other’s who would like to become publishers?

Never forget the reader and make the book cover draw them from across the room.

What are your favorite features of being a publisher?

Receiving the advance copies of a new book.

What is at the heart of your career in publishing that you want your clients to take home?

A publisher who is at once commercially minded and sensitive to the content and vision of the author, artist or photographer.

Photo Courtesy of Lydia Inglett

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