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Mac W. Jackson of the Macgyver Podcast, The Never Gets Old, and the MacGyver SG-1 Audio Series Part

Updated: Mar 24, 2019

Post by Mac Jackson

If I had to name the three major influences that make up who I am today they would be Batman, Michael Nesmith and Richard Dean Anderson. Batman fuels my desire to be bold and a multifaceted warrior for justice. Michael Nesmith influences me to make my own destiny in everything artistic such as being a successful singer-songwriter and musician (Harmony Constant). As far as everything else? That would be Richard Dean Anderson.

From the moment I first saw MacGyver, I adored RDA. Besides the brilliance of the MacGyverisms there was a natural positivity that eminated from him and made him trustworthy. I was inspired! Not only did I learn that anything was possible with education but where there's life there's hope! Then I learned 99% of MacGyver was taken from RDA! The producers were smart enough to model everything on his life and personality. I learned how to treat strangers, friends. How to debate, when to fight and how to be generous,kind, humble and inspiring in everyday life. How to view the world at large. It wasn't for show. It was honest. It made MacGyver more than a gimic show. The MacGyverisms got you in the door but RDA kept you on the couch.

The day MacGyver ended was a dark day that I still remember. I didn't think he'd ever get a part that was so we'll crafted. RDA's next series was the excellent Legend where he got to be comedically over-the- top. A skill he didn't get to exercise much on his previous series. Unfortunately, it was on the UPN channel that no one got, including me so it didn't last . . ..

"Mac W. Jackson of the Macgyver Podcast, The Never Gets Old, MacGyver SG-1 Audio Series Part 2" is available here.

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