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Mac W. Jackson of the Macgyver Podcast, The Never Gets Old Podcast, and the MacGyver SG-1 Audio Seri

Updated: Mar 24, 2019

Post by Mac Jackson

I had to wait a year for syndication to first meet Jack O'Neill and the team. I got to see a whole new side of RDA. Jack O'Neill was not only in charge and heroic but could be hilarious! Due to his ad libbing, RDA was able to use the fact that he was part of a team to be the voice of the audience and point out goofy situations and lighten the room with just a look. One of the influential qualities RDA shares with Nesmith is the ability to keep a straight face while delivering a ridiculously funny line. A completely compelling and expressive personality your eyes follow. You end up loving the whole cast as well. Each member adding a different dynamic to form a complete, perfect team. Much the same way with bands like The Monkees and The Beatles, there is one member that we relate to most.

A few years ago I was approached to start The MacGyver Podcast with a teenage fan who loved the show but didn't know a lot about it. In the early episodes it was the veteran and the rookie dynamic but once he dropped out I knew I could use the podcast to celebrate all aspects of RDA. MacGyver, Stargate, everything! I also use it and the Facebook page to show the positive influence RDA has had on all of our lives. Like MacGyver, the possibilities are endless. It also spun off into a second, more general podcast about all things music,TV, movies and comics called the Never Gets Old Podcast. (Both Macgyver and the Never Gets Old podcasts are on iTunes, Stitcher and Facebook.

Another dark day for me was when RDA left SG-1 to raise his daughter. I loved him for having his priorities straight but it ended a perfect 8 seasons that have never been matched since. His absence in front, as well as behind the camera, was felt during the last two seasons. Then, it was gone. No more Stargate series at all.

For years fans have been trying to convince MGM to give us a new series incontinuity. My mind races with the possibilities. For years I've been a writer without a publisher. Comics,short stories, novels, all praised and enjoyed but never read by someone willing to write a check.

Then it hit me, I can do more than just write a story. I can create my own ongoing series starting my two favorite characters. Characters I know better than most. No longer did I have to ask to be published. I would do it all on my own! By writing,editing and acting in it, I have created The MacGyver/SG-1 Audio Series. The series reveals that MacGyver and Jack O'Neill are actually twins who were separated at birth. It weaves between the well known SG-1 episodes and even gives present day adventures catching us up on our heroes. There is no end to where the stories can take us. I hope everyone will subscribe and review on iTunes and Stitcher to let them know that these series are still relevant, influential and loved. I consider it my honor to do my part to keep the flame alive. Join me, won't you? (You can visit the series here) .

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