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Meeting Stargate Legend: Christopher Judge

Updated: Nov 13, 2019

Post by Henk Veldhuizen

Tek’Ma’Tek ,Teal’C! Yeah that’s right! INDEED! I also got to meet everyone's favorite Jaffa, Christopher Judge a.k.a Teal’C. Me and my brother had the privilege of meeting him in Belgium at FACTS. This guy has got to be the biggest Geek amongst all the actors out there, and I mean that in the best possible way ever!

We walked up the his booth and when I introduced myself I shook his hand, just as a Jaffa would . . . you know . . . with the arm holding. Of course Christopher joined in and spoke those epic words ‘Tek’Ma’Tek. How cool is that!! Right then the Con might had been over, and I wouldn’t have cared one bit! I had met the great Christopher Judge. He really took time for us giggling geeks. In fact, he was just like us.

We also attended a Q & A with Christopher Judge, and let me tell you. Please do yourself a favor and visit a Q & A with Christopher Judge next chance you get!! This was a delightful combination of epic awesomeness, science fiction geekiness, and a one man stand up show! It really really showed that this guy absolutely loves his fans. A lot of memories where made that day that I will never ever forget!!

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