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Merissa A. Alink of www.littlehouseliving.com

What led you to start http://littlehouseliving.com and when did you start http://littlehouseliving.com?

I started Little House Living in 2009 after wanting to share my husband and I’s journey through frugal living. We were newly married and had already survived through everything from unemployment to living in a camper. We pulled ourselves up by our bootstraps and I wanted to share how anyone can make the most with what they have.

What is your favorite aspect of being http://littlehouseliving.com?

I love being able to share my story and offer encouragement to those who are in a similar walk of life.

What have you learned the most from http://littlehouseliving.com?

Over the past 9 years of blogging I have learned how to have a thicker skin. I had no idea what people will say when they are hiding behind a computer screen! At times, things have been difficult, but I know what my mission is and for every naysayer there are 1000 others who will find the advice helpful.

What tips and ideas do you have for other’s who would like to start a similar website and blog?

Be prepared to spend more time than you think you will need. I’ve discovered that actual writing is only about 20% of what I need to do to keep Little House Living running. Answering emails, working on social media, networking, and more all take a majority of my “work” time.

What are your favorite features of http://littlehouseliving.com?

I love that we have a wonderful community. There are so many helpful comments that come in each day and our new Facebook group has been a wonderful extension of the blog readers!

Can you tell us a bit about your book, Little House Living?

My book is a wonderful collection of so many of my favorite things that I have made over the years of learning how to make the most with what I have. In the book, you will find recipes for household products, body and beauty items with very simple ingredients, recipes for my favorite pantry mixes and spices, and SO many frugal tips! Many people that have bought the book told me that it’s their go-to book. Honestly it’s my go-to book as well! (You can get Merrissa's amazing book via this link, http://amzn.to/2Heg7Eb)

What is at the heart of http://littlehouseliving.com that you want your visitors to take home?

I hope that those that visit Little House Living will leave feeling encouraged and know that they can always come back for more. I’m the only one behind the scenes of Little House Living so I will always be the one to answer the comments and emails that come in. If you are struggling with where you are at in life…maybe you are hoping to live a simpler life and things just feel so chaotic or perhaps you are trying to raise a family on a low single income budget…wherever you are at in life, I hope that you will find encouragement and tips on Little House Living.

Merissa can be followed on the social media platforms listed below:

Twitter: http://twitter.com/lhliving

Instagram: http://instagram.com/littlehouseliving

Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/merissa_alink

Facebook: http://facebook.com/littlehouseliving

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/littlehouseliving

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