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My Cup of Tea -- Teal'c & Teyla Part 3

Updated: Sep 5, 2019

Post by B Hope

I loved Teyla from the first episode of SGA, where she rose up as my favorite female in the universe of Stargate. Teyla Emmagen was an incredible character. I loved so many things about her: her love for her people & her strong leadership of them, her love for her friends, the love she held for her child, & yes, that she was a fierce & skilled warrior. I love the way she stood by her friends, even (or maybe especially) when they didn't deserve it.

I really enjoyed the scene where the team was ambushed & cut off from the puddlejumper (I forget which "sundry & numerous bad guy" it was). Their weapons had been taken, & all they had to fight with was sticks from the forest floor. Ronon grabbed a log, Teyla an arm-sized stick, & broke it over her leg into two pieces, & John tried to copy Teyla, but only conked his knee.

My favorite Ronon & Teyla scene was the infamous Meditation Scene, where John tells Ronon he should take a class from Teyla. Teyla gives a lovely guided meditation... & Ronon snores.

I suppose the thing that most suprised me was how Ronon could fall asleep cross-legged.

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