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My Cup of Tea -- Teal'c & Teyla Part 4

Updated: Sep 5, 2019

Post by B Hope

I loved watching Teyla's pregnacy:

1st trimester, battles the Bola Kai.

2nd trimester, deals with the questionnaire from government officials.

3rd trimester, rescues her people from captivity.

I loved how her friends rallied around her each in their own, um, unique, ways: Ronon offering wonderful suggestions like, "Ronon would be a great name, even if it's a girl;" John making sure Teyla sits down so, "it doesn't pop out or something;" or McKay making a 10-hour recording of himself talking for the baby to listen to so that "it will be brilliant."

I loved the birth scene where the only available person is. . . Rodney McKay whose idea of a "birth pep talk" is: "I passed a kidney stone once so I know exactly what you're going through."

I loved her walking little Tenaan & running into John & McKay racing toy cars, & how excited the baby got when John asked him if wanted to watch "Uncle John beat McKay."

My take-aways from Teyla are:

1. Be strong & beautiful.

2. Beware of a determined woman with two sticks (suppose that also applies to knitting).

3. Use what you have. It's more than enough.

4. Always have at least one good friend who's an amazing cook.

5. As much as possible, cover other's shortcomings. They do it for you.

6. Stick to your principles.

7. Never underestimate the love of a mother for her child.

8. Eat a lot of popcorn.

9. Use herbs.

10. Spend time with the ones you love.

I suppose the reason I love Stargate so much is because it's about learning that your place in the universe is with the people you love the most and that what you're meant to do is to take care of them as best you can and to take care to see who they really are. These are my main take-aways from Teal'c & Teyla.

Well, I suppose this post on my favorite "t" is finished as is my mug. I think I'll go grab my two knitting needles & work on my Atlantean style sweater as I watch some Stargate. And maybe, just maybe, I'll put on a tea kettle. I'll think about it.

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