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My Sucky Day: the Glories of a New Vacuum

Updated: Oct 28, 2019

Post by Onna Carr

My Sucky Day

Last Tuesday, our Bissell PowerForce Helix Bagless Vacuum 1700 model, a new, improved version of the 1240 model, came in the mail. We received the package, slightly worse for the holiday wear in the path of so many packages and the gorillas, who are more prone to fits in the back of the post and in the delivery trucks as December marches on. However, despite the damaged box, the vacuum was completely sound and easily set up with a simple screwdriver.

That afternoon, I vacuumed the cottage (600+ square feet of light shag carpeting, vinyl, and wood flooring. I was amazed at how this little, lightweight vacuum could! Blueboy, as we have named our new Bisell PowerForce, picked up four to six canisters of dirt, dust, etc. and left our floors gleaming!

We needed a new vacuum as our previous Shark vacuum had to go and we spent several nights trying to find the best vacuum for our needs. We needed a bagless, lightweight, and inexpensive model that performed well on both carpet and hardwood/vinyl flooring. We lit on the Bisell PowerForce Helix Bagless Vacuum model 1700 at Walmart.com. This vacuum had great reviews, was lightweight, and, at just a little over $50 with a two-year warranty, was at our price point and qualified for free shipping!

The reason my family and I prefer bagless vacuums is because they are less messy, they do not require the constant purchasing of bags 'till kingdom comes, the vacuum dies, or the manufacturer whimsically decides to quit making them. Also, bagless vacuums in general are better at containing allergens rather than vacuums with bags. As for a lightweight vacuum, it is much faster, easier, and less tiring to vacuum with a ten pound vacuum than a twenty to thirty pound model--I can weightlift when I am not housecleaning! As for a $50 price point, why spend more when you only vacuum on occasion or have a small area to vacuum? I can see spending $300-$600 on a vacuum if we loved vacuuming or had a 1,000+ square feet to vacuum but as we do not love to vacuum or have that much ground to cover, this vacuum is ideal for us and for our cottage!

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