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My Superpower: Overthinking

Post by Onna Carr

Today, I awoke with a superpower--overthinking. Some people dream of the power of flight, strength, invulnerability, the ability to shoot webs from their wrist, etc. I have always thought invisibility is a cool superpower--you could be there and not be there--at the same time--simultaneity achieved! For me though, I woke up with the superpower of overthinking.

I am an oldest--yeah--one of "those." In addition, I spent years caring for my relatives, trying to think things through, attempting to help where I could and let go where I could not, and though I do not for a single day regret my decisions on that front, I do regret that it has led me to develop my superpower of overthinking everything.

I recently realized that I was about to make a decision based on what could possibly go wrong for someone else--hypothetically--in theory. I was not making this decision based on anything else, and I realized at that point, that though overthinking was a skill, a superpower if you will, it was not being useful in that time and that moment.

If I died today, would I want to leave with the legacy of making decisions based mainly on worrying about how others may fair in the future and not really on the present moment or the current people in front of me? No, I would not. I realized right then and there that I need to care about others. Yes. Totally, but I also need to give them the benefit of knowing my doubts or qualms when asked about things. I need to not just say no to something without talking to the other party and getting their opinion. I may be an oldest, but I am now working towards the goal of being a diplomatic oldest, and my superpower of overthinking, though not completely gone, is slowly losing its grip in my life, and this is healthy.

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