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New Paths, Same Journey: the Many Segues of The Monday, Wednesday, Friday Finds Blog

By Onna Carr

The Monday, Wednesday, Friday Finds Blog began with a series of lifestyle posts on transition and living life with intention and joy, and has since grown from these original musings to encompass not only lifestyle and review posts written by myself; but also, to also host guest writers, experts in their fields, such as Esther Rulli of the Blue Ribbon Company, and award-winning interior designer, Nina Kati. The blog then adapted with a decision last spring to begin a series of interview posts.

The Monday, Wednesday, and Friday Finds Blog has featured artists, interior designers, and foodies from all over the world who were kind enough to share their work and to answer questions regarding their business in many interviews over the past year, many of these interviews are now featured in The Being of Business, Artists, Interior Designers, and Foodies on Their Lives’ Work, which is now available in the Kindle store, in paperback on amazon.com.

The Monday, Wednesday, and Friday Finds Blog also hosted Get to the Gate Summer Camp 2018, which ran from June 1, 2019 through August 31, 2019 and featured posts from Stargate fans, interviews/VLOGS from Stargate actors, and related cosplay VLOGS. This event was global and had thousands participants worldwide Because of the overwhelming positive response to this event, I have decided to make it an annual occurrence, with Get to the Gate Summer Camp 2019, and we have a Facebook page here, and further information, here.

This spring marks the start of a new foray on the blog and subsequently, on social media with the release of my novella, Lizzy Bennett: Pride and Prejudice Revisited 1943-1946: A Novella, on the blog for readers to enjoy via a series of posts. Simultaneously, the work will be available on twitter via a series of tweets at @LizzyRevisited. I have wanted to share with readers via these mediums for some time, and the time is right for such a project.

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