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One Vision: How Shows Become Iconic Part 1

Updated: Nov 13, 2019

Post by Mac Jackson

One, if not the biggest, forces in my life and who I strive to be is my desire to make a positive, lasting mark on the world. Whether in songwriting for my band Harmony Constant, Making The Never Gets Old and MacGyver Podcasts or all that goes into The MacGyver/SG-1 Audio Series, there is a lot that goes into it. There are blogs and pictures and Twitter posts constantly. The push for attention is constant and unrelenting. However, I take inspiration from those who, despite lacking an obvious connection, have at least one thing in common. Believe it or not, Harry Chapin, Michael Nesmith, Richard Dean Anderson all share a few traits. All have an internal drive to do more, be more. All have been givers and willing to shine to spotlight and attention on others and finally, each have realized that a project is bigger than them and everyone involved has to be on the same page.

Watching them has made me appreciate all that goes into a successful series. For example: Why are some shows like MacGyver (the real one,not the reboot), Stargate SG-1 and Lost so iconic and timeless while others come and go? Well, part of it is great writing, part of it is great actors but most important is realizing the project is bigger than you and everyone has to be on the same page working towards the same result.

On a episode of The MacGyver Podcast call “The Showrunners Oath” we discussed how crucial it is to stay true to the quality and core of a show. Every scene of MacGyver was perfectly paced, every episode of Stargate SG-1 (for at least the first 8 seasons) was like watching an epic movie. Others such as Sleepy Hollow, Supernatural and all of the Arrowverse shows have had their ups and downs while other shows like the 2016 reboot of MacGyver have missed the point entirely. The crucial mistake in all of these is ego. Either a new executive/showrunner comes in and wants to change things to leave their mark or they didn't understand what the Mythology and Mission of the series was to begin with.

It is a warning I think we can all appreciate and learn from. It is a constant reminder to me as I write The MacGyver/SG-1 Audio Series. I have to say “What is true to the characters?” “How and why would they react in this situation?”. Despite it being my series, I realize I work for these characters. I work for all the great writers, producers and actors who have come before. I owe it to the fans who keep the spirit alive and the energy that keeps constant and from becoming nostalgic.

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