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Onna Carr: US and Canadian Representative for LuXury Crystal Ireland

What led you to become the US and Canadian representative for LuXury Crystal Ireland and when did you become a representative?

I have always appreciated fine crystal. I remember as a small child watching a film on touring Ireland, and I was mesmerized by the blowing and by the hand-cutting of crystal by Irish craftsmen in Waterford City. To be able to create objects of such beauty out of molten glass, which is formed into crystal, continues to amaze me to this day. When Noel Finan, the owner and founder of LuXury Crystal Ireland, asked me to be the company’s US and Canadian representative, the opportunity seemed a serendipitous and natural progression as well as an exciting opportunity, and continues to remain so!

What is your favorite aspect of being the US and Canadian representative for LuXury Crystal Ireland?

I love that I am representing a rare breed of incredibly gifted master craftsmen whose art form goes back several hundred years and who are third and fourth generational craftsmen. The team of generational, Irish, craftsmen at LuXury Crystal Ireland are the only rare unique quality crystal manufacturers left in the world today which create crystal as it should be made: a 33% full-lead, hand-cut, and hand-polished bespoke creation of the rarest and the purest quality in the world. Who wouldn’t want to be involved?!

What have you learned the most from being a US and Canadian representative for LuXury Crystal Ireland?

That the unparalleled skill of Irish craftsmen is only one part of the story. There is also the uncanny power of those craftsmen to impart something magical to the finished crystal that the rest of Europe couldn’t and still cannot comprehend. I enjoy explaining our company and our legacy to customers via our promotional video, our catalogue, our book brochure, and samples of our crystal. I love talking to our customers about how LuXury Crystal Ireland’s crystal truly is one-of-a-kind because for 300+ years the Irish crystal craftsmen been skilled in crafting the rarest and the purest crystal that, thanks to LuXury Crystal, remains available for today’s consumers to purchase and to pass on to their family.

What tips and ideas do you have for others who would like to represent a company and their product line?

Find a product that is different, bespoke, so that you have something unique and specialized to give yourself an edge of exclusivity in your business model. Learn as much as you can, not only about the company you wish to represent and their product line; but also, about a variety of subjects. By retaining and curating a sense of curiosity and being a life-long learner, you can open doors in unexpected and profitable ways that create an unexpected synchronicity in your life’s journey and in your vocational journey.

What are your favorite features of being the US and Canadin Representative for LuXury Crystal Ireland?

That I get to introduce both US and Canadian buyers to the rarest and the purest quality crystal in the world—what an incredible and amazing opportunity!

What is at the heart of LuXury Crystal Ireland that you want your customers to take home?

Presenting one-of-a-kind heirloom crystal lighting, tableware, giftware, stem ware, bar ware, and statuary to US and Canadian buyers that can be passed on and preserved for future generations so that they too can gather the light—gather the stories.

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All photos courtesy of and used with permission from Noel Finan of LuXury Crystal Ireland.

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