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Organizing:  What to Keep and What to Release

Updated: Oct 27, 2019

Post by Onna Carr

Organizing, Moving, Downsizing, Releasing

As my family moves and downsizes, we have come to some conclusions: 1. Even the really good items that passed initial Goodwill muster must go if there is no place for them. 2. "Rome was not built in a day" and neither is the perfectly-ordered interior. Life is a journey and that journey should be celebrated—even or especially amidst packing boxes and in the presence of totes. 3. Be gentle on yourself and on others because it is easy to get overwhelmed. 4. Have black tea and chocolate in Elijah-oil supply (endless): the sanity and family you save may be your own. 5. Take time to do "nothing." Sit down, turn on a good show, and just "be." Sometimes, you have to "be" in order to "do."

I believe that we do get to where we are supposed to be in the end (and that includes fully moved in and settled in a new locale) in the same way that migratory birds can know instinctively where they are supposed to go on their migrations. Some say that it is iron deposits in the beaks of the animals which lead them home. However, I do not think all the iron in the world is enough to get even one bird home in the same way that all the best-made plans, intentions, and organizational talent are not enough to get even one human being to fulfillment, peace, and sanctuary. I think we find our way home when we decide what is worth keeping and what needs to be released both physically and emotionally. When we let go, we can hold onto life and what really matters all the better. When we decide what is valuable to us, we gain deeper clarity and vision to guide us on our paths. In the end, most of life does consist in eliminating the non-essentials so that we can fully live the life we were essentially made for.

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