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Petra Hall of Petronella Hall: a Return Visit:)

Last year, in May, Petra Hall of Petronella Hall was featured on this blog and she has graciously returned this year and has shared some further insights into her business and has shared some photos of her beautiful new line of nature-inspired wallpaper and fabrics. To read her previous post, please click here.

What led you to begin your journey to becoming a textiles and wallpaper designer and opening Petronella Hall?

I've played with fabrics since I made my first teddy's jacket at 4 years old. I finally went to Uni in my early 40's to do illustration, whilst there I screen printed bedroom curtains with dragonflies for our home. After graduating, I worked briefly for a graphic design company but missed the fabrics too much. A good friend whose a product designer with a big interest in interiors saw my curtains and suggested I illustrate on fabric, and I began Petronella Hall four years ago.

What is your favorite aspect of Petronella Hall?

My favourite aspect of course is the idea generation, drawing and development stage of a collection--that's the fun bit, you often don't know quite where its going, and then it just unfolds before you: it gives me such a buzz!

What have you learned the most from being a textiles and wallpaper designer and opening Petronella Hall?

In business things don't go according to plan but its not the end of the world. Trust your instincts they are usually right. Push every door--you never know what doors will open.

What tips and ideas do you have for others who are interested in pursuing a career in interior design?

Your never too old--go for it! Start small and grow as fast as your capacity grows.

What is at the heart of Petronella Hall that you want your customers to take home?

Nature is stunningly beautiful. I want to reflect some of that beauty in our homes.

All photos courtesy of and used with permission from Petra Hall of Petronella Hall

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