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Poke the Box:  a Book in Review Part 2

Antoinette Portis wrote a classic children's book, It's Not a Box, http://amzn.to/2tvmSj3, which shows how something as simple as a box, can be something else, if we have the eyes and the imagination to look at the "box" differently. I love this book for its simple yet lovely drawings and for the fact that It's Not Just a Box suggests we look at life differently. Perhaps instead of just "Poking the Box, we need to ask ourselves, "is it really a box?" Perhaps it really is. Perhaps it's really not. A lot of life depends on our perception of things, which may or may not be accurate. So in order to live our lives fully, in order to live our lives well, it is important that our perception has clarity and imagination, so we can ask why, and why not," so we can "poke the box" (or whatever the box truly is and never end up inside any matrix.;)

Following are some more of my favorite quotes from Poke the Box by Seth Godin:

"'How did you end up with this job?' Almost any time I ask someone that question, they answer with, 'Well, it's a funny story.' And it's not usually a funny story. Instead, it's a story that juxtaposes a few unlikely breaks with unadorned initiative. People get good gigs because they stand up." Godin (51) .

"I'm merely encouraging you to start. Often. Forever. Be the one who starts things. Godin (61) .

"If your organization refuses to start, is so busy harvesting talent that they have no interest in planting, perhaps your investment of time and effort is misplaced. Godin (65) .

"We rely on the disobedient few for innovation, but today, innovation is our only option." Godin 71) .

"Might as well do something that matters. . .. Godin (82) .

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