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Recollections of Ronon Dex Part 1

Updated: Sep 5, 2019

Post by B. Hope

Ronon Dex is one of my favorite Stargate characters.  I liked him for many reasons-- he was faithful, fierce, funny, and always gave his best. 

I admired Ronon's fortitude, and that he retained a joyful zest for life even after everything he'd been through: the loss of his wife, his planet, running from the enemy for years, being betrayed by past friends, etc.

I enjoyed watching him grow into the Atlantis community and his interactions with its inhabitants.  I enjoyed watching him make friends with John, Teyla, Carson, Rodney, and Banks. 

Some of my favorite John and Ronon scenes were: 1) when Ronon and Teyla were helping John pack, and Ronon starts to carry John around, and 2) when the team was enjoying a day off and John tries to teach Ronon how to golf, and instead Ronon teaches John some martial arts. 

I also enjoyed watching Ronon and Teyla.  He reminded me of a big brother looking out for his lovely little sister.  My all-time favorite Ronon and Teyla scene was when Teyla tried to teach Ronon to meditate, and he fell asleep.

I really enjoyed watching Ronon and Carson.  I liked the scene where they have to put Carson in a stasis chamber to save his life. Everyone's saying their goodbyes, and Ronon's standing there with his arms crossed. " This is what I was afraid of."  Ronon tells Carson.  "Sorry 'bout this, Big Man," Carson smiles, "give us a hug now."   Ronon gives him a bear hug, and Carson stepped into the chamber.

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