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Recollections of Ronon Dex Part 2

Updated: Sep 5, 2019

Post by B. Hope

To read "Recollections of Ronan Dex Part 1, click here.  For me, Ronon and McKay were the funniest friends to watch in SGA.  Their first meeting was hilarious:  McKay hanging upside down in a tree, wearing an unnecessary HAZMAT suit asking to be cut down.  Ronon looks at him with this face that says:  "Man, I don't know. . .this is really funny. . . . "Ronon did cut him down--eventually. 

If I could sum Ronon's character up in one word, I would choose courage.  Ronon showed great courage whether he was fighting the enemy or helping his family and friends, but I think that the thing he did that took the most courage was finding and claiming home.  He had always had courage, but it was more of a courage to keep running and fighting, no matter what.  What I liked to see was him developing a still kind of courage--a trust.  He continued to fight, but he learned to let others fight with him, and he learned to trust and love those who fought beside him.  I thought it was poignant that one of the last things his wife asked him was "how long are you going to run?"  and that one of the first questions he was asked by Banks is "are you up for a walk?" By that time, he'd finally slowed down enough to be able to answer yes with all that meant for him.

In the last episode of SGA, the team is out on a balcony looking at the San Francisco Bay, and Woolsey tells Ronon and Teyla that he'll do whatever he can to get them home.  Ronon looks around at the team and back at Woolsey:  "This is home," he says.  I think that is the best quote in all of SGA, because it shows that home isn't a place you run to, it's the people you walk with--and all that means for you.

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