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Rhonda Chesser Porter of www.thedomesticcurator.com

Rhonda Chesser Porter of www.thedomesticurator.com features recipes, entertaining tips, essentials, decorating, travel, print-ables, a shop, and an advertising/PR section at her lovely site. Rhonda is featured this week in an interesting and informative interview.

What led you to start The Domestic Curator and when did you start The Domestic Curator? That's a good question, Onna. For 22 years, I competed in the cooking contests at the Texas State Fair. I did well, winning my fair share of contests. That, in turn, led to regular spots on radio and cooking demos on Good Morning Texas. I began receiving request for my recipes, from friends, family and strangers. My children were getting older and I knew there would come a day when they started asking for their own personal favorite recipes....so I settled on starting a blog. In a blog, I could post the recipes I wanted. The blog would be a place that I knew my kids, nieces, friends and other family members could go to find specific recipes that they had eaten at my table. I started The Domestic Curator in the beginning of 2012. I am curious how you arrived at “The Domestic Curator” for a name? I started my blog mainly to share my recipes, but I wanted it to be about so much more than that. To encompass our whole lives: traveling, entertaining, raising kids and sending them off to college, the best way to garden, taking care of your home, how to be the best host or hostess, planning weddings, and yes recipes—all of these things play a part in my blog because they play a part in our lives. For me, I am 'the curator of our domestic life:’ I schedule and make sure everything run smoothly in our home. Ergo, I am The Domestic Curator. What is your favorite aspect of owning and operating The Domestic Curator? By far, it is the interaction with my readers. I love communicating with others, giving helpful advice when I can or leading them in the right direction when I can't. I have actually become good friends with some of my readers. It's a happy place to be. What have you learned the most from opening and running your business? You can't please some people - ever. So, stop trying. I do what I can, but I have learned that it's not a necessity in life to be a people pleaser. What tips and ideas do you have for other’s who would like to start a similar website?

  • Share what you know and love. Don't try to be something you aren't.

  • You have to find your own voice, and write with it in the first person. Be personable, if you don't, your blog will just be an imitation of any number of blogs out there.

  • Be informed. Get all of your facts straight and be able to answer questions or to address problems facing your readers today.

  • Make it short. People want the easiest and quickest route to information. They don't have time for window dressing.

What are your favorite features of the Domestic Curator? I started out sharing recipes, but my favorite blog posts are about travel. I love writing about travel. Sharing our experiences, how to save time and money, how to travel smart and be safe, and where to find the best food and experiences in any given country.

What is at the heart of The Domestic Curator that you want your visitors to take home? The Domestic Curator is hopefully a lovely place to come and "hang out" for awhile. Where we'll have fun pouring over things that make us smile, giggle on occasion, and in general make our days brighter, help us to feel good, and keep us positive. If I can do that, it's been a good day!

Stop by our Facebook page where we are 115,000 strong. We love to talk and share great ideas there. Hope to see you soon! https://www.facebook.com/pg/The-Domestic-Curator-285182134876320/about/

Check out Rhonda's Best Ever Red Velvet Cake Recipe that has been altered to include a gluten-free variety as well and is absolutely amazing https://www.thelittlegreenhouseonthecorner.com/the-best-ever-red-velvet-cake!!

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