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Rise of Sharlock Holmes: Uncle Ed Remembers (Uncle Ed Remembers: Origins of 221B Book 1)--Part 11

He was an older, sensible doctor who realized that Shar needed care of the human kind even before care of the medical kind, so he left her to gain a bit under our charge. Jamie downloaded a few math and physics books to his e-reader and brought it to Shar to read, and he continued the tutoring lessons with her three times a week.

Maggie fed Shar three meals a day, mainly enriched broth, and she began to get better. We discovered that Shar had been hungry ever since she started college at ten as meals were no longer included as before in her education. The girl had lived hungry, and the fact that she had survived in general was nothing short of a miracle of grace and sheer willpower.

As for her father, Shar never mentioned him again to us, but it became quite clear as we prepared to go to court that he wanted her dead, and if he got his way, she would have been long before now. He now hated us, as we were caring for her, and Gribbs, my lawyer, was not so sure even now that he could win this case for us.

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