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Rise of Sharlock Holmes: Uncle Ed Remembers (Uncle Ed Remembers: Origins of 221B Book 1)--Part 13

Little did I guess that although Maggie and I had exhausted all the alternatives we could think of, Jamie had a plan.

Jamie went to the hospital the day after the court case as soon as visiting hours commenced. Shar was sleeping soundly, and he had class in an hour, so he gently woke her and made sure she was cognoscente before he began. “Shar, I have an idea I’d like to put before you. Ed and Maggie could not get ye: they lost the case to your da. Your da could not take ye back to London with him though because of the doctor’s orders, which should keep you here another couple weeks.

The only way I can see to keep you here longer is to get you legally married to someone. You’re only sixteen, but I can get special permission from your father as he thinks me a nasty fellow who is no relation to Ed and Maggie. I told him I intend to have you quit school and be at home.

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