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Rise of Sharlock Holmes: Uncle Ed Remembers (Uncle Ed Remembers: Origins of 221B Book 1)--Part 14

The truth is that you can easily pass finals, graduate, and then have the time to work on your math studies unhindered. I would be your husband in name only, and when ye come of legal age and want to be released, I will gladly sign divorce or annulment papers for ye. I want ye to be alive, and I see no other way to insure that ye are: the world needs your gifts, Shar,” Jamie finished.

“What if you want released?” Shar inquired. “I have always been happy with me books, teaching, and math problems to solve. I am thirty, and I don’t see my situation changing. “I would be happy to marry ye, then, as long as I don’t ever keep ye,” Sharlock replied.

“Good. I will explain myself to Maggie and Ed. We can have the justice of the peace here next week. You’ll then remain here until solid food doesn’t upset ye. When you’re released, ye can move in with me at 221B. It is a nice Georgian house with a green door and a tip-top library. You will be happy and safe there, I promise,” Jamie concluded. “Thank you,” Shar replied.

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