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Rise of Sharlock Holmes: Uncle Ed Remembers (Uncle Ed Remembers: Origins of 221B Book 1)--Part 8

“Good, the lass can grin, thank God,” Jamie whispered to me as we sat down, apparently too loudly as Ms. Gershwin laughed and the two platters we ordered were brought.

“There must be some mistake,” Ms. Gershwin said as she looked at the meat and potatoes on her platter. “I changed your order. Ye need more than gruel, how old are ye?” I inquired. “Nearly 16. I can’t. My name is Shar,” Ms. Gershwin began. “Yes ye can. Try the potatoes, Shar” I suggested as she took a few bites. She then looked a bit sick, drank some water, and excused herself, heading to the washroom.

After waiting for fifteen minutes, Jamie and I were worried enough and headed to the washroom to hear the sounds of retching greet us at the door. “Dear God,” Jamie said, walking in and heading to the back stall, busting the door to find Shar doubled-over in pain.

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