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Roxanne Dawson as B'Elanna Toores

Last week's post, "Half Klingons Rule: an Ode to B'Elanna Toores," concerned the half-Klingon, half-human, Chief Engineer of Star Trek Voyager, B'Elanna Toores. This week's post concerns Roxanne Dawson, the actress who played B'Elanna Toores. I like Ms. Dawson and the fact that she played B'Elanna Toores for several reasons. I like that Ms. Dawson was a thirty-five-year-old woman who played a twenty-one-year-old Klingon/Human, that Ms. Dawson decided to do her own make-up as she thought the artists on the set were making her character appear ugly, and that Ms. Dawson gave the scriptwriters input to assist them as they developed her character. I also like that Ms. Dawson was the first Hispanic woman to appear in Star Trek (though why it took so long is beyond me).

I attempted to have Roxanne Dawson interviewed or to be featured in a guest post for this week's blog post. I found the talent agency Ms. Dawson is with, I called the agency, and I spoke to a delightful agent, who emailed the next day to let me know Ms. Dawson is too scheduled at the moment and through the year to be featured. So, I went to Plan B for this post. Plan B involved contacting Trekcore.com to get permission to embed the above YouTube video of an interview of Roxanne Dawson on her life, her career, and her portrayal of B'Elanna Toores in Star Trek Voyager. Permission to use this video has been given by Adam Walker Mphys Bsc (Hons) after sending "Is anyone out there????" in a comment box . (Thank you, Adam! Thank you, Trekcore.com!) I hope that you find Ms. Dawson's YouTube interview interesting and enjoyable. Live long and prosper much. "Kahplah" (success)!

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