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Royal Albert: Fine China Since 1846

Last week, I visited a second-hand store for the first time in a long while and found eight pieces of English bone china worth approximately$120+ that I purchased for $3.50! Aside from the thrill of acquiring these pieces for such a great price, I was excited because 4 of the pieces were Royal Albert china. Royal Albert china does not show up very often in the Midwest. For example, I have an extensive bone china collection, and out of 200+ pieces, the 4 from last week's purchases are my first Royal Albert pieces.

Royal Albert china was started in 1846 as the Albert Works in Britain. Thomas C. Wild purchased the Albert Works in 1896 and was honored by a Royal Warrant for his commemorative pieces for Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee. My great-great-great grandfather traveled back to Britain for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee, and he probably saw some of Royal Albert Works China pieces in the shop windows for the festivities, which is a fun "china" thought. In 1904, Thomas Wild changed the Albert Works to Royal Albert, which has sold over 150 million pieces of their famous Old Country Roses pattern china alone since 1962.

I purchased their American Beauty sugar and creamer set as well as a Flower of the Month Daffodil hand painted teacup and saucer that are simply exquisite! The teacup and saucer look lovely on a vintage 1960's era stand with an antique shepherd boy lamp from my great-great grandparents and a couple of 1950's era books with unique covers of Technicolor hues. Needless to say, Royal Albert China is just my cup of tea, even if the handles are quite diminutive on the daffodil teacup and saucer.

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