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Ryan of Stitch's Loft: Part 1

Updated: Mar 24, 2019

Post by Ryan Nixon with Onna Carr

This week's Stargate Summer Space Camp features Ryan of Stitch’s Loft, http://www.stitchsloft.com/, the premier site for all of your Stargate Cosplay needs and wants.  From screen accurate Ra Pendants to a working replica Life Signs Detector.  Maybe you’re looking for a nice set of replica SGC BDU’s or that hard to come by SG-1 Medic vest. Still looking for that modified McKay's vest--perfect gifts for those hard to please SG friends who seem to have everything from the films and shows except—A SGA "Old School" Suunto Vector Watch or that P90 Harness you been looking for?  All can be found on Ryan's awesome site.  Ryan has been a fan of Stargate for over 13 years.  Ryan spent over 20 years in the U.S. Navy as an Aircrew Survival Equipmentman, a.k.a. a Parachute Rigger, and has continued to work as a consultant for several movies and TV shows in the prop and costume departments, a consultant for scene accuracy, and a even assisted the director Martin Campbell in the ejection sequence from Green Lantern, his work became so vital to many area of production he was even was given a small role as UCAV operator as a thank you from the casting director. Now is the proud owner of his own popular online Prop & Costume business, Stitch's Loft.  This week, Ryan has kindly agreed to share his fascinating story.  The text below has been taken with permission from his site's bio page--thank you, Ryan!

Ryan's career in the Navy included being an intrical part of his helicopter search and rescue team as they maintained H-3 Sea Kings while he was stationed at HS/HC-85, located at NAS North Island in San Diego.  Because of Ryan's extensive knowledge of survival equipment, he was enlisted as a consultant by Ron Howard for the film Apollo 13.  Ryan supervised the Fight Equipment (ALSS) shop of VAQ-209 at Andrews AFB / NAF Wash DC and went on to work on EA-6B’s Electronic Warfare jammers.  During his career, Ryan traveled to the Middle East and did detachments to Saudi Arabia and Turkey.  He oversaw the flight equipment for over 45 pilots and ECMO’s while participating in Operation Enduring Freedom and earning many awards and citations.

Ryan continued in his military career as he moved to Georgia and became the Leading Petty Officer of the 800 Division at the NAS Atlanta Aircraft Intermediate Maintenance Department and was tasked with supervising sailors, marines and civilians running the entire base Paraloft/Lox Farm supporting 5 different squadrons.  After being promoted again, Ryan had the pleasure of Amanda Tapping from Stargate SG-1 performing his final re-enlistment ceremony on March, 26, 2006 in Vancouver, BC.  He spent that weekend touring  both sets of SG-1 and the Stargate Atlantis and met many of the cast and crew.  He was able to show off his costume to Stargate executive producer, N. John Smith, who joking accused him of stealing it from the wardrobe department.

In 2006, Ryan was sent to the great white north for a brief year and half to NAS Brunswick, Maine, to work on P-3 Orion’s until decommissioning of VP-92 on 30 November 2007 before Ryan married his fiancé, Katie in her home town in Western New York.  After a short honeymoon in Canada, both packed up and were quickly sent down to Ryan’s last position for 3-and-a-half years as Leading Petty Officer of the Flight Equipment (ALSS) shop of VFA-204.  This was no ordinary F-18 squadron. This was the famous River Rattlers of VFA-204 an adversary squadron stationed at NAS JRB New Orleans with some the most skilled pilots in the world.  Many had attended TOP GUN more than once and had earned their 

TOP GUN ADVERSARY TAB.  On the road almost as much as the Blue Angels, Ryan saw numerous trips to Key West, Fallon, and his favorite of all--a month in Guam! 

Ryan retired from the Navy on July 31st, 2010 with 20 years, 11 months and 22 days of service and moved back north to western New York to his wife’s hometown to pursue his hobbies, business, and to finish school, which he did in January of 2014, graduating from the University of Phoenix with Bachelor of Science with a steady 3.44 GPA in Organizational Security and Management.  

As for a hobby that started to grow into much much more . . . come back next week to see Ryan of Stitch's Loft:  Part 2!

All photos courtesy of and used with permission from Ryan Nixon of Stitch's Loft

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