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Seeking Vala-dation Part 2

Updated: Nov 13, 2019

Post by B. Hope

I think what I loved most about Vala was her joyful flair for life. Even after everything she'd been through, being sold into servitude as a child, getting engaged and being torn from the man she loved by the Go'a'uld, being kicked out of her village after she'd escaped the Go'a'uld, having her brief marriage ruined by the Ori, and repeatedly being distrusted by the SGC even after everything she'd done to help them.

I loved the scene in "Beachhead" when Vala and Teal'c formed the Alien Vs. Taur'i basketball challenge. I also loved the episode when Vala hosts a birthday for Daniel Jackson because "no one will believe that it's her birthday again"! My personal favorite Vala episode was when she stole the SGC's spaceship. The back and forth between her and Jackson was priceless. I also loved that she took Sam on shopping trips. I always felt bad that she never got the "loot" she was always after. Darn regulations.

Vala's best quality, in my opinion, was her Vala-dation. Vala-dation is very different from validation. Validation is looking to an external source for approval of yourself. Vala-dation is a confident inner knowing that your essence is good enough, without external prompts. Vala-dation is seeing what you are, accepting what is, changing what's not good, and enjoying the life you have. Vala rocked this. Even though she was imperfect, she was comfortable with who and what she was. This is, I think, the key that made her a strong, beautiful, perfectly imperfect powerhouse: the Queen of Celestial Mystery that so many fans like me came to know and love.

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