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Selina Fowler of CoeLux Srl

What led you to pursue your career in the high-tech industry and when did you start your career with CoeLux Srl?

I started career within Retail Design back in 2002, when I was a mere 22 years old! My first position was working as a Project Manager within Vitrashop. I learnt all about shopfitting, what trades are involved and how to take the design from concept with designers/architects/retailers through to completion. It was a very steep learning curve and I remember vividly taking home the product manuals and reading them each night to understand what I was working with! My father helped me understand reading drawings as he was a Ductwork Engineer and has extensive knowledge of working with trades and following plans.

My next move was where I really started my Lighting Career. I joined a company called Microlights, a Retail Lighting Specialist, it was here where John Chamberlin taught me my basic Lighting Knowledge. Learning about all the various lamp types, how they emit light and how we see that light. Through to how a product is manufactured and how it controls light output. How we use these tools to create a look and feel of an environment, creating brand identity. I Loved this job and I love the creativity of designing with Light.

I was approached by CoeLux an it just so happens that I was aware of the product and had actually introduced it to one of my Retail Clients as a possible solution in their lighting design. I loved the product and could see it’s potential to change the way we light interiors, so I was very open to a discussion. I met with Paolo Di Trapani and was infused with his passion and belief in the technology. I started my role with CoeLux as Head of UK Projects at the end of March 2017.

What is your favorite aspect of CoeLux Srl?

CoeLux has an amazing technology and a passion to create products which enhance the perception of natural light. The process within the product is truly unique. Paolo Di Trapani, our founder, is a professor and has spent over a decade creating experiments to study and to test how natural light works and it was this that lead him to create our products. He is now pursuing independent studies to show the extent of the positive effects of this truly inspiring technology, on us the occupants (oh yes and on plants)!

What have you learned the most from your CoeLux Srl?

Wow, I have learnt a lot in my short 10 months within the position! Understanding the technology and how it works was the first task with my background in lighting wasn’t too challenging for me. I also believe my mind is truly logical and having mathematical explanations helps me understand quickly.

I work in the UK and have responsibility to increase awareness of the product. Although I have been involved in marketing before, taking sole responsibility for the UK has been a learning curve which I have enjoyed! I have taken part in trade shows, put on a round table event, entered and won a trade award, gained certification on a CPD as well as building relationships with large global companies.

I am also learning more about the effects of lighting and how it effects our biology. CoeLux is focused on bringing not only a beautiful product to market, but to truly enhance our environment and our lives. The products gives an emotive response that is hard to explain. I try and convey this in many ways, but a simplistic way would be to ask someone how they feel when they open their curtains in the morning. To be greeted by a sunny day with a bright blue sky, most of us feel up-lifted and have better days: this is what CoeLux does--it provides a positive lift in our moods. Learning about how this works and the biological and physiological responses in our bodies and plants is fascinating, and I love to learn 😊.

What tips and ideas do you have for other’s who would like to pursue a similar career path in the high-tech industry?

Work for a company that has something you are passionate about and you understand. Be prepared to research and to continually learn. A thirst for knowledge is a key quality to working in a high paced tech career.

What is at the heart of CoeLux Srl that you want your people to take home?

That we believe in a better way of lighting. Creating human-centric products and biophilic designs that aid our built environment and create better spaces for us to live and work. If this approach were adopted by all there would be less depression, less workplace illness and better performance. What did that advert say “priceless.”

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