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SGU, SG Me, What’s the Rush? Part 2

Updated: Nov 13, 2019

Post by B. Hope

Another thing I never quite understood was the claim that Rush was heartless (he got that a lot). In my opinion, Rush was one of the more caring characters in Stargate. He cared in a quiet way, mostly when others weren’t watching. The episodes that really brought this home for me were “Human,” “Sabotage," “Malice,” and “Hope.”

I really enjoyed “Human”, because it gave a glimpse of Rush’s pre-Destiny life, and explained his odd obsession for this ship of the Ancients. He didn’t originally set out with grand goals of finding fingerprints at the edge of the universe, he was simply grasping at memories of his departed wife, Gloria. That song Rush had been listening to, Vissi D’Arte? It was one of the last songs Gloria had played before she’d passed on. And it was one of the last things Rush heard before he, too, departed from this earth, albeit through a different method.

One of Gloria’s last wishes was for Rush to complete his work at Icarus base and for him to discover what was beyond the ninth chevron. What neither of them knew at that time was that what was waiting at the other side of the wormhole, was, quite literally, Destiny. Rush’s obsession was fulfilling his wife’s last wish. I thought it was very touching that when Rush was able to access Destiny’s holographic guide to the key systems, it manifested as Gloria. So, Gloria’s last wish was able to help him say goodbye and find peace, as he searched for fingerprints at the edge of the universe.

I also loved watching Rush and Mandy. I thought it was wonderful in “Sabotage” that Rush made a way for Mandy, a brilliant former colleague and paraplegic, to be able to be onboard Destiny via the communication stones, so she could enjoy things like walking and eating. My favorite scene from this episode was the hallway scene, when Rush is so surprised that “Little Miss Brilliant” actually liked him as much as he liked her. I was glad that Rush had someone onboard he could trust for once. I really liked this couple, even though it didn’t end so well for them. They always seemed to be in a hallway, further along than when they started, but never quite arriving. But, as Rush often said, destiny is about the journey. I just felt bad that their journey was cut short.

Mandy’s death was so sad. However, this is Stargate, and no one stays dead for long (Beckett and Jackson, anyone?). “Malice” was a great episode. It reminded me of Jeff Bridges’ True Grit. Once again, everyone got mad at Rush for avenging Mandy’s death when they told him not to. But there’s really nothing really nothing Rush could do to prevent the reaction of space dinos stampeding away from some well-placed C-4. The rest is history.

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