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SGU, SG Me, What’s the Rush? Part 3

Updated: Nov 13, 2019

Post by B. Hope

I really enjoyed “Hope”, when Rush was able to download Mandy’s consciousness into Destiny’s mainframe. I loved the scene when Mandy’s consciousness surfaced. And Rush was, well, rushing to see her. I also loved the chess scene in “Seizure”. I thought it was odd, how Destiny eventually encapsulated both the women Rush cared so deeply for.

I also enjoyed the relationship between Rush and Chloe after her genetic alteration. Because of this alteration, her brain capacity became much greater than your average Tau’ri. Rush was the first to suspect this, so he would bring her equations to solve for Destiny’s key systems when he visited her in her quarantine.

I think my favorite scene though, was after Chloe had been de-alienated (both socially as well as genetically), and Rush came to check on her recovery. She wanted to know if he had helped her only because of her mathematical abilities. I loved his reply: “No. It’s because you, and everyone onboard this ship belongs here. All of us.”

To me, that is the essence of Stargate. To belong. That is why I love Dr. Nicholas Rush. Because, when no one watched, he quietly loved, protected, and cared for those around him. His calm courage silently wove through the individuals that made Destiny’s crew brought them into a belonging of sorts. And along the way, he found peace and a belonging of sorts, a good reward for a life quietly lived well—you could even call it his destiny.

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