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Snoozer: a Line of Good Old Men

Updated: Oct 14

Post by Onna Carr

My great-grandfather was born in 1911. His mother had the first kerosene stove in the county in her kitchen, and in the winter, she would let the dog, Snoozer, rest by the stove. Snoozer was so named because he would only be allowed to stay in the home if he was sleeping, so he constantly feigned sleep in the Wintertime.

My great-grandparents had many dogs over the course of their lifetimes--having a dog on the farm was just a natural state of things for the time. All the dogs were called "Snoozer" or "Prince." When I was a child they again had a Snoozer, a yellow lab that my parents had bought and my great-grandparents had taken in when my mother and father went down to Arkansas for my father's graduate program.

One of my early memories is going out with my great-grandfather in my small coat with heart-shaped pockets in a crisp autumn morning to give Snoozer his breakfast food after we had had waffles with my great-grandmother and father.

Snoozer's breakfast food was kept in a milk can under one of the cedar trees in the front yard. I can still remember the feel of the cold bent metal lid and the sound of the scoop as I got out the dog food and dropped it loudly into the metal dog food pan.

When I was six-years-old, we went to the dog pound and picked out a dog, a yellow Labrador, an older dog who was the only one who was just sitting there quietly as the other dogs barked. He was scheduled to be euthanized shortly, and we picked him, naming him Snoozer.

He was a good old man, a delightful dog who lived a long life until I was 17, and he quietly passed away. He was the best dog I ever knew--very patient, sweet, protective, and always finding the greenest spot in the yard to roll over in. He loved tummy foot rubs and even let my younger sibling ride him saddleback.

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