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Snow Days

As the weather turns colder and we near Thanksgiving, the occasional flurries give way to the actual first snows of the season. The first snow is a good time to put on kettle and have a festive cup of tea, coffee, or cocoa--to pull out the Irish sweater and to make sure coats, boots, caps, and hats and gloves are in order to protect against elements. There is a difference between the occasional flurry, which is here today for a moment and quickly disappears into the earth and the first, full-fledged snow. It is a difference in degrees, but also in outlook. We tend to take more notice when the flurries accumulate and drape our worlds in white then when they confetti the yard and disappear as quickly as they came. What flakes? Where did they go--no record remains.

As the weather turns and the flakes fall thickly, I am reminded of "Snowflake" William Bentley, who is known for recording the first photographs of Snow Crystals, recording forever the beauty of snowflakes and their intricate designs. More on his life and his fascinating work can be read via Wikipedia by clicking here. Also, the book, Snowflake Bentley, by Jacqueline Briggs Martin, is read aloud on YouTube and viewable here.

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