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Snowshoes--a Lesson on Life and Gliding with Style

By Onna Carr

Sometimes, we can make life hard and we don't even know we are, and if this fact is not an irony I don't know what is. My recent experience with snowshoes brought this truth to mind. I received a pair of Wildhorn Running Snowshoes as a gift during the holiday season, and as I haven't ever snowshoed before put on the shoes backwards the first two trips out.

Needless to say, I came back from my excursions wondering how people can run in those snowshoes and why someone would design them to flop opposite the way reason and physics would dictate. I concluded that snowshoeing was done by those with significant mental as well as physical patience who enjoy getting 5-10 pounds of snow on their feet as a sort of winter weightlifting challenge. As I am neither a mental or physical sports junkie, my two beginning snowshoe excursions were not my thing.

Then, I discovered that I was wearing the heel plate underneath my toes, and now I glide with ease along my merry way up and down the snow covered slopes. There is a lesson in here somewhere, but also, like the grandfather in Grumpier Old Men, "I just like that story."

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