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Stand By Your Man: Part 1

Updated: Nov 13, 2019

Post by Onna Carr

Sunil Bhinder was standing in the Eppley Airfield Terminal waiting for his duffel to clear security. He was headed to the Punjab to visit his father’s brother and to renew his sense of duty as his father set up his arranged marriage. He was taking his best friend, Pete O’ Conner, with him to Bharat (India). Pete thought it was ridiculous: why Sunil had agreed to marry a perfect stranger he had never set eyes on let alone had a conversation with boggled Pete’s mind. Sunil tried to tell himself and tried to tell Pete that this was how a good Punjabi boy got married, but somehow his man (heart) refused to hear what his man (head) said.

Pete had breezed through airport security, and he was waiting with Sunil for Sunil’s black duffel to appear. Sunil had packed simply: jeans and T-shirt garb until he reached Delhi, where he would buy some traditional clothes before going to stay with his uncle in the country. Pete was getting off in Mumbai to take a month-long internship at a Bollywood studio as a camera guy. “Why would I travel with you to a village in the Punjab when I can shoot film in Mumbai where there is running water and English toilets?” Pete had asked Sunil.

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