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Stand By Your Man: Part 10

Post by Onna Carr

“Maim (I) would have been acchah (okay) by myself. Maim (I) know martial arts,” Emma said. “Yeah right,” Sunil declared mockingly. Emma and Sunil walked on in silence for a while. When they had the road to themselves, without warning, Emma turned to Sunil and flipped him to the ground, pinning his arm behind his back. “Kya (what) in the world,” Sunil queried in consternation. “Maim (I) do nahim (not) lie, Sunil,” Emma stated. “In that case, maim (I) am glad maim (I) have apa (you) with maim (me), for maim (my) protection,” Sunil replied.

“Why the visit to apake (your) aunt and uncle?” Sunil questioned as they neared their destination. “Maim (my) mother died. Addi, maim (my) father, thought being with maim (my) aunt and uncle might help maim (me) get rid of some sadness,” Emma answered. “When did apake (your) mother die?” Sunil asked after silence had passed between them. “A month ago. She fell, and she never woke up,” Emma said. “Apa (you) were close to apake (your) mother and father?” Sunil queried. Maim (I) never spent a day without having seen them,” Emma concluded.

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