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Stand By Your Man: Part 11

Post by Onna Carr

“Maim (I) am visiting maim (my) uncle, to regain maim (my) sense of duty,” Sunil said. “Apa (you) lost apake (your) sense of duty then?” Emma questioned curiously. “Maim (my) father has made an arrangement for maim (me), and maim (I) am supposed to accept it and to stay here until it is finished. Maim (my) man (heart) says nahim (no) to the whole thing, and maim (my) man (head) says maim (I) should be loyal to the wishes of maim (my) family—nahim matter kya (what),” Sunil confessed. “Man (heart) vs. man (head). Do apa (you) believe in God?” Emma asked Sunil. “Haam (yes). Maim (my) family and maim (I) are Christians. Sometimes maim (I) can’t see God, but maim (I) know that is maim (my) fault, nahim (not) His,” Sunil replied. “Sunil, God’s word tells us to choose the best path, and then to keep on that path. Whether apa (you) let apake (your) father arrange apake (your) path or nahim (not), it is still apake (your) choice in the end because it is apake (your) path and nahim (no) one can walk it but apa (you) and apake (your) Lord,” Emma explained.

“Christianity is nahim (not) a popular faith, though it is the largest on earth. From the very beginning, God has taken the rejects of the world and made them into the heroes of the faith. Christianity is the faith of people who have failed on their own, admitted defeat, and found that they were never meant to go it alone. They go with God, and He leads them beside waters of rest,” Emma said. “And that is love,” Sunil stated. “Haam (yes). Pyaar (love) doesn’t take, it gives, and in that giving, it is re-filled by some sacred act of God that is difficult to rationalize, but easy to know,” Emma replied.

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