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Stand By Your Man: Part 12

Post by Onna Carr

“Jesus doesn’t have to prove Himself true, but He does. God doesn’t have to prove Himself holy, but He does so time and time again, spanning the pages of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. God proves that He is holy and that He is the truth Pontius Pilate looked for as He looked on. Pontius questioned, and Jesus was—talk about irony,” Emma declared as she shifted her duffel about and shook her head.

Sunil and Emma reached Basarke Gillan by evening, and they stopped by a roadside book and newspaper salesman’s booth. Sunil studied the papers while Emma perused the books. “You look a bit like Ranveer Singh, apa (you) know,” Emma said, glancing at an Indian equivalent of Globe. “Apa (you) think he’s acchah (good) looking?” Sunil questioned. “Maim (I) am nahim (not) like that, Sunil. Maim (I) think Mr. Singh and apa (you) possess eyes that shine, and maim (I) can see apa (you) both at age two, being ornery,” Emma explained and then turned to the seller, buying a guide book and asking in Punjabi where a room might be had. The salesman told her there might be a small house for rent that night, and the man gave them directions to the house.

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