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Stand By Your Man: Part 13

Post by Onna Carr

“Kya (what) do apa (you) find attractive then? Maim (I) am curious what would win apa (you) over as apa (you) are a hard one to figure, Emma,” Sunil declared as the two headed off together to find their lodgings. “That is easy, Sunil, maim (I) am nahim (not) in the running. Maim (I) am content as maim (I) am. Besides, maim (I) would want to be with an adami (man) who doesn’t need maim (me), and who doesn’t want to imagine life without maim (me). Maim (I) would want to be wanted, nahim (not) needed, desired, nahim (not) required, liked as well as loved,” Emma finished as they neared their lodging for the night.

Emma and Sunil rented the small house for the night, which had two cots in it. “It is the only available. We each have a separate cot, and it gives us a roof over our head. Rain is expected,” Emma explained. “Maim (I) am nahim (not) worried,” Sunil replied as Emma rolled her eyes, “Maim (me) neither,” she said, claiming her cot and putting her duffel down as a pillow.

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