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Stand By Your Man: Part 14

Post by Onna Carr

Later that night, as the monsoon rains poured, Sunil stepped outside to use the restroom nearby and found an Indian woman who looked to be a prostitute screaming in the pains of labor on the hut’s front stoop. Sunil then went back inside and woke Emma. “Emma, there is a woman outside in labor, and maim (I) think she’s a whore,” Sunil said, nudging Emma awake. “The only horrors are the men who employ her. Let’s get her inside,” Emma said as she quickly got up. “She can have my bed,” Sunil answered as he and Emma brought the woman inside the hut and laid her on the cot.

"Kya (what) do apa (you) need?” Sunil asked Emma as they surveyed the woman. “How should maim (I) know?” Emma asked. “Apa (you) diffused a bomb, know martial arts, and speak English, Hindi, and Punjabi,” Sunil replied. “How does that qualify maim (me) to deliver a baby? Maim (I) am nahim (not) Wonder Woman, Sunil. All maim (I) know is that when the head crowns the baby will be out shortly and if the baby’s feet are first it is trouble,” Emma said as the woman screamed out again. “Kya (what) is she speaking?” Sunil questioned as Emma examined the woman. “She is swearing in Tamil—it won’t be long now,” Emma said, rising from her examination.

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