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Stand By Your Man: Part 15

Post by Onna Carr

“Kya (what) is the woman saying?” Sunil queried. “Maim (I) do nahim (not) know. Maim (I) watch Tamil films, and maim (I) quit reading subtitles when they start swearing, so maim (I) can only tell you that she is saying what maim (I) don’t read. Maim (I) will need a clean shirt or something to wrap the baby in,” Emma replied, and Sunil quickly handed her one of his T-shirts out of his duffel. “Hoon (here),” he said as Emma took the T-shirt with a nod.

Sunil awoke early the next morning and quickly rose from the floor, where he had spent the night. He turned to check on the woman, who had had her baby, a girl, and whom he had last seen sleeping peacefully in the other bed with her baby. That morning though, the woman was gone, the bed was made, and the baby was tightly swaddled in the middle of the bed, fast asleep. “Emma?” Sunil questioned as Emma awoke and turned to face him, taking in the scene as she sat up, and she quietly arose and took the baby in her arms.

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