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Stand By Your Man: Part 16

Post by Onna Carr

“Apa (you) had better check apake (your) wallet,” Emma told Sunil. “Kya (what) about the mother?” Sunil asked. “Just check apake (your) stuff,” Emma declared as Sunil went over to his coat, which he had used as a blanket the night before and pulled out his wallet, and Emma went and looked out the door. “Tina (three) sau (hundred) dollars are missing!” Sunil exclaimed in shock, and he turned and began rifling through his duffel, but everything there seemed in order as he had used it as a pillow and slept with it under his head.

“Maim (I) think it’s safe to assume the woman won’t be coming back for Tamil,” Emma said. “Who’s Tamil?” Sunil questioned. “The baby. Maim (I’m) going to go find some goat milk and diapers, can apa (you) watch her for a bit?” Emma asked as Sunil took the baby. “Apa (you) still have cash?” Sunil queried in shock. In answer, Emma unbuttoned her coat and showed him an inner pocket that held her passport and wallet. “Why do you think maim (I) slept in maim (my) coat?” Emma queried. “Apa (you) knew that woman would abandon her baby and steal maim (my) money,” Sunil declared in shock. “Nahim (no), but maim (I) knew it could happen. A harlot can’t take care of a baby well, and most are desperate or they wouldn’t be harlots,” Emma replied, getting ready to head out the door. “Kya (what) will we do with Tamil?” Sunil asked. “Pyaar (love) her,” Emma replied as she stepped out onto the street.

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