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Stand By Your Man: Part 17

Updated: Nov 13, 2019

Post by Onna Carr

About twenty minutes later, Emma returned with a stack of cloth diapers and some goat milk in a bottle. She then made short work out of feeding and changing Tamil. “Are we leaving Tamil here?” Sunil queried. “Maim (I) contacted the police while maim (I) was out. If Tamil’s mother does not claim her, maim (I) am taking her with me, all the way to the USA. Tamil is now maim (my) ward,” Emma said, handing Sunil a legal document. “How much did this cost?” Sunil questioned. “Kucha (thing) nahim (nothing). The orphanages are full, and maim (my) uncle has friends hoon (here),” Emma concluded.

Sunil said namaste (goodbye) to Emma and Tamil that morning before they headed off to meet her aunt and uncle, who had texted Emma that they had arrived in town and were nearby. Sunil gave Emma his cell phone number, in case something went wrong, and he asked if he could travel back with her and Tamil to Amritsar and then on to the USA as they were both ironically taking the same flights back through a strange turn of destiny. As Sunil watched Emma and Tamil disappear down the street, he couldn’t help thinking how weird life could be and how wrong he had been initially about the Girl-with-the-Other-Duffel.

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