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Stand By Your Man: Part 18

Post by Onna Carr

Sunil’s visit with his uncle, who had a farm near Kotli Nasir Khan, was a busy one as Sunil helped on the farm, learning how to drive a tractor and eating ladoo. About two days before he was to leave his uncle’s, he got a call on his cell phone from a woman who spoke in very broken English. The woman said her name was Akashdeep Singha and that she was Emma’s aunt. She invited Sunil to come for a visit, and said that Emma and Sunil could then travel to Basarke Gillan together from her and her husband’s home. Sunil accepted the invitation and got directions from Akashdeep to the farm.

Sunil arrived at the Singha farm to find a beautiful adobe home surrounded by wheat. Akashdeep greeted him at the door, and she invited him in with a smile. She was a tall Indian woman with shining brown eyes. Sunil followed Akashdeep to the kitchen, where Emma was making parantha (buttered flatbread) and chicken tikka with chai for lunch garbed in an orange Punjabi outfit. Tamil was hanging from the ceiling in a cradle-hammock and looked happy and well as she grinned up at him when he went to see her. Amardeep, Akashdeep’s husband, was Indian as well with a jolly face and dancing eyes that looked as if they were up to something at all times.

Sunil’s two days at the Singha’s were the best of his month-long stay in Bharat (India). Akashdeep and Amardeep were wonderful. Akashdeep means “light in the sky” and Amardeep means “everlasting light” in Punjabi, and both Akashdeep and Amardeep were radiant beams of joy. The couple farmed eight acres, which was twice the average for the state, and their two sons and their families farmed five acres each. They farmed all their land organically and without GMO seed, despite the pressures from external forces to do otherwise.

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