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Stand By Your Man: Part 2

Updated: Nov 13, 2019

Post by Onna Carr

A black duffel finally appeared, and Sunil grabbed it, unzipping the bag to see how rousted his possessions were. However, none of the duffel’s contents matched his own. Punjabi pants, some women’s undershirts, a few tunics, a toothbrush, etc. were in the bag, Sunil realized. He turned to Pete with an undershirt in his hand. Someone took my duffel and filled it with . . .,” Sunil began in confusion. “Hey, check it out,” Pete said as another black duffel identical to the one Sunil was looking through appeared. “Kya (what)?” Sunil questioned in unbelief.

“Apa (you), roka (stop)!” a voice said as Sunil turned to face it. A person in red Converse sneakers, bell-bottom jeans, an orange Nehru jacket and a long T-shirt stood in front of him. She was a fair lady with her brown hair in two braids and fiery blue eyes, which were angrily locked on him. The girl took the opened duffel and the undershirt from Sunil and walked off with a “yaha (damn) lanata (it)!” as she headed for the gate and the plane to Mumbai. “A bit awkward,” Pete said as he watched the girl go. “Yeah, what are the chances that her duffel would be identical to mine?” Sunil asked. “Except for the contents. What are the chances you would ruffle through another’s stuff?” Pete questioned. “Chalo (Come on), let’s go,” Sunil replied after unzipping his duffle, checking the bag’s contents, and zipping the bag back up.

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