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Stand By Your Man: Part 20

Post by Onna Carr

Emma was a different person than the girl Sunil had said goodbye to in Basarke Gillan: she was at peace at the Singha’s, and she was full of joy in their presence though one could still see the shadow of grief rested on her. That first evening, Sunil found Emma up on the roof with Tamil, sitting quietly and looking toward the sky as the first stars came out. “Akashdeep and Amardeep are awesome, apa (you) know that, don’t apa (you)?” Sunil asked Emma. “Haam (yes), kya (why) do you think maim (I) came here?” Emma questioned with a smile as her uncle and aunt came up and joined them. The heat was too much in the house, so the Singha’s had laid out mattresses on the roof. As Sunil settled into his bed beside Emma’s uncle, he looked at his pillow and was sorely tempted to toss it at Emma, who was settling in with Tamil on a mattress beside her aunt. Emma caught his glance though. “It’s just too much of a temptation for maim (me),” Sunil began, but Emma gave him a do-it-and-prepare-to-die look, and Sunil rolled over humming the first words of “Tere Naina” as Emma’s uncle chuckled beside him.

Sunil said nemaste (goodbye) to Akashdeep and Amardeep while Emma got Tamil ready to go, and he asked the couple why they had invited him to visit. “Because Emmaji mentioned she was traveling back with apa (you). Emmaji has visited us about every three years since her birth, and she has never traveled back with anyone, save her parents. We knew apa (you) must be different or she would not travel with apa (you). We were very curious and kya (what) is that word? Snoopy? Snoopy,” Amardeep replied with a smile.

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