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Stand By Your Man: Part 21

Post by Onna Carr

Sunil, Emma, and Tamil had a safe journey to Mumbai, where they met up with Pete and flew to London together. They stayed at St. Pancras Hotel during their two-day layover in London, and Sunil and Pete followed Emma and Tamil from Harley Street to the Houses of Parliament that first day. Their second day in London, Pete led the tour, starting the day off with breakfast at an Indian restaurant. Halfway through breakfast, Emma had Pete and Sunil suffering from indigestion because she made them laugh so hard. Emma first spoke in chaste Hindi about her introduction to bus transportation in Bharat (India), which was a rooftop experience—literally. She then followed this story with a discussion in rollicking Punjabi about how Julia Child would have loved Punjabi cooking because of all the butter. She finished in English as she rocked Tamil, telling how she once ran into a Bollywood actress and went on a tour of Yash Raj Studios.

After breakfast, Emma took Tamil and headed off in search of the washroom. Sunil watched as Emma wound her way through tables and inquired of a server in Hindi. “You’re scared of her,” Pete declared, watching Sunil with an understanding grin. “Of course I am. Have you never heard of the fear of the friend?” Sunil replied. “Men don’t look at a friend the way you look at Emma. You fear you won’t have the courage to tell her that you love her, and you fear what will become of you and your family tree if you don’t tell her. You love her, Sunil. Don’t lose Emma, man: she’s clever, funny, and kind—unless you take her duffel. I don’t care who disowns you—MARRY THE WOMAN! SHE IS WORTH IT!” Pete declared.

As they waited at Heathrow to get on their plane, a book caught Sunil’s eye in an airport bookshop entitled Emma. Sunil didn’t know who Jane Austen was, but he thought Emma might enjoy a book with her name emblazoned across it, so he handed over a ten-pound note, and the clerk stuck the book in a brown paper gift sack with a smile.

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