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Stand By Your Man: Part 22

Post by Onna Carr

Meanwhile, Emma hooked her smart phone up to the WIFI and was checking to make sure their flight from New York to DIA was still a go as Pete sat beside her and held Tamil. “What’s the verdict on the plane from New York to Denver?” Pete asked. “All is on schedule, and I checked the weather report for the flight path—clear until we get to Colorado, where rain is forecast,” Emma replied. “You will make an organized man’s dream wife, you know,” Pete stated with a grin. “Why, because I check the flights and weather on my smart phone? An organized man would be doing that already, Pete,” Emma declared.

I know, when I was twenty-two, a woman told me that I needed to get married because I could cook well. I asked her if that meant that only the gastronomic-impaired remained single, because if it did, I hated to think of all those singles eating bad food. I can cook, and I’m still single, but I’m not looking. I’m happy with life the way it is, and until someone comes along who I can’t think of life without, single I’ll stay. You know though, marriage isn’t always a bad thing, Emma,” Pete gently said. “I have family and friends,” Emma replied with a smile. “What if you grow old and are all alone? What if you never know what romantic ishq (love) is?” Pete questioned. “You don’t have to experience something to know it, Pete. Love is truth, or it is nothing. And trust me; I know that there is a lot of nothing out there. I know what pyaar (love) is. You don’t have to have a romantic bone in your body to know pyaar (love). Even if I were married, my husband could die or run off: marriage has a great many contingencies,” Emma said. “Your husband would never run off on you—you would not marry that kind. Besides, if he even thought about it, you would read his mind, and he would be a dead man,” Pete declared with a grin. “There are many ways to run off, and there are many kinds of loneliness that exist in crowded rooms,” Emma concluded as Sunil came up.

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